Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Boating!!

We went boating and here are a few of the pictures, but I hate adding pictures to a blog because you have to do one at a time. Boating was super fun and we love going with the Hamel's, Oswald's, and the Crayk's there is never a dull moment. I added a slide show above to show more of the pictures.

The kids, dad's, and Matt went cliff jumping. I was trying so hard to get the pictures and it was difficult to get them while they were falling, but they are fun!

Jody and Riley. Cute mommy and daughter pic!Ok, so I need to tell you all about the "Miss". She does this funny smile where she thinks it is really cute to make her upper lip disappear. She just one day started doing it and now any time we ask her to smile her upper lip is gone. We know it is not her natural smile because when she laughs her lip is still there!

Here are the many faces of Kaylen. I was laughing so hard at these pictures. They just capture how funny and cute she is.

Kaylen and JJ surfing behind the boat. A little dangerous, but she handled it like a champ.

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